A New York Times profile on the North London musician highlighted his lyrics being different from the braggadocious norm in Hip-Hop.


The celebrated rapper has used his massive platform to rail against the British government in times past.


President Donald Trump retweeted a series of videos crafted by a British far-right group that depicted anti-Muslim sentiment and violence.


It was supposed to be a trip to the “Happiest place on Earth” yet a muslim family never made it to their $10,000 Disneyland excursion. On December 15, U.S. border control authorities stopped the family of 11 from boarding an L.A.-bound flight, giving no explanation as to why they wren’t allowed on the plane despite having visas […]


Our cousins across “the pond” in the Great Britain are notorious for touting their long standing progressive attitude toward race relations. Quick to lambaste Americans for seemingly latching onto the barbaric ideals of racism while simultaneously clinging to their guns and religion, the British have long since eradicated much racial injustice within their cultured country…Or […]