We may not know exactly where Sean “Diddy” Combs is after the Feds raided his homes on both coasts, but his lawyers are speaking up for him. In a statement, the Bad Boy Record’s founder’s attorney likened Homeland Security’s raids on his client’s homes to a “witch hunt.”


Emboldened by the U.S. Capitol attack, these violent extremists are said to be plotting similar acts to the riots that left five people dead.


In short, the document stated that radicalized and armed white extremists present a "most lethal threat" to the United States through next year.

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Sheriff David Clarke, the shoe-shining, Black  Lives Matter-hating, big hat-wearing sheriff from Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, has accepted a new gig with the Department of Homeland Security. But like most things involving the Trump administration, there appears to be some shady business afoot in how Clarke got the gig and how the former holder of the […]


It was supposed to be a trip to the “Happiest place on Earth” yet a muslim family never made it to their $10,000 Disneyland excursion. On December 15, U.S. border control authorities stopped the family of 11 from boarding an L.A.-bound flight, giving no explanation as to why they wren’t allowed on the plane despite having visas […]

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In late 2010, popular websites and RapGodFathers were shuttered by federal agency Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), operating under the Department of Homeland Security. ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations division carried out a crackdown on several Hip-Hop related sites and blogs over claims that these domains were responsible for copyright infringement., a New Music […]

Over the years since its creation, The Nation of Islam has served as a source of inspiration for some while being viewed as the bane of “civilized” American society for others. In either case, the often controversial organization has been the target of numerous conspiracies and government viewing projects with the 21st century marking a […]