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Sheriff David Clarke, the shoe-shining, Black  Lives Matter-hating, big hat-wearing sheriff from Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, has accepted a new gig with the Department of Homeland Security. But like most things involving the Trump administration, there appears to be some shady business afoot in how Clarke got the gig and how the former holder of the position got pushed out.

Raw Story writes:

Controversial Milwaukee Country Sheriff and Fox News personality David Clarke is accepting a federal appointment as assistant secretary in the Department of Homeland Security, and will act as a liaison between federal, state and local law enforcements, the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel reports.

Clarke has been the subject of multiple controversies, including the deaths of three inmates and one baby in a jail run by the conservative firebrand. He’s also repeatedly called Black Lives Matter a terrorist organization and frequently refers to the activist group as “Black Lies Matter.”

While Clarke is set to take the role in June, it came at the expense of former staffer Phil McNamara’s job, who worked in the role after being appointed by former president Barack Obama.

McNamara noted in a tweet how Clarke wants to “strange #Democrats,” which should tell everyone about what kind of guy the incoming DHS appointee is. McNamara spoke with ThinkProgress about Clarke’s impending role and how bad it’s going to be for everyone.

Way to go, Trump.

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