sheriff david clarke

In the ongoing campaign to "own the Libs," former Milwaukee County, Wisconsin sheriff and conservative pundit David Clarke Jr. made the wild claim on Twitter.


Donald Trump supporter and controversial ex-sheriff of Wisconsin David Clarke admits he’s been conned. No, not by Donald Trump but by his former business partner Hedieh Mirahmadi, who he says was an operative of the Muslim Brotherhood.

There might not be a bigger bootlicker than Sheriff David Clarke, and President Donald Trump’s biggest Negro fan continues to fly the struggle flag for the beleaguered business mogul. In a tweet aimed at Sen. Dick Durbin, who confirmed he heard Comrade Cheeto utter the “sh*thole countries” quip, Clarke put on his best shoe-shine smock […]

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, the President Donald Trump-supporting bootlicker who has a penchant for speaking out the side of his neck, went on one of his patented attacks against liberals but doing so in corny coon fashion. Clarke exploded on Twitter and users complained that he violated the network’s policy against violent speech […]

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has taken a job with a political action committee that supports President Donald Trump.

Sheriff David Clarke, the shoe-shining, Black  Lives Matter-hating, big hat-wearing sheriff from Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, has accepted a new gig with the Department of Homeland Security. But like most things involving the Trump administration, there appears to be some shady business afoot in how Clarke got the gig and how the former holder of the […]