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Sheriff David Clarke at Fox & Friends in New York City

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Donald Trump supporter and controversial ex-sheriff of Wisconsin David Clarke admits he’s been conned. No, not by Donald Trump but by his former business partner Hedieh Mirahmadi, who he says was an operative of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Raw Story is reporting that Clarke took to Twitter to vent about Mirahmadi, admitting he’d been “DUPED” by the lawyer who’s worked with the federal government in the past while insisting he wasn’t “DUPED” by actual Russian operative, Maria “NRA Ruskie” Butina. Why he’d mention her you ask? Well as it turns out David Clarke was one of the officials that Butina’s group spent $6,000 on to get to visit Russia in 2015.

How Clarke was “DUPED” we know not, but Mirahmadi for his part has denied being a part of the Muslim Brotherhood but in this age of far-right conspiracy theories and alternative facts, Trumpians and Alt-Right wingers will more than likely run with Clarke’s latest accusation. The only thing left for this latest claim to grow legs is for the Divider-In-Chief to co-sign via Twitter and it’s as good as gold for these fools.

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