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There might not be a bigger bootlicker than Sheriff David Clarke, and President Donald Trump’s biggest Negro fan continues to fly the struggle flag for the beleaguered business mogul. In a tweet aimed at Sen. Dick Durbin, who confirmed he heard Comrade Cheeto utter the “sh*thole countries” quip, Clarke put on his best shoe-shine smock to smooch more Trump booty for some reason we still can’t figure.

“If @SenatorDurbin truly cared about black people he wouldn’t sit by twiddling his thumbs as black people in his city of Chicago are slaughtered by violent crime in record numbers. Do those black lives matter Dick? Only @realDonaldTrump cares about black AMERICAN citizens,” Clarke tweeted Tuesday (Jan. 16) afternoon.

What adds to the hilarity of it all is that Clarke added a photo of Trump in an uncomfortable photo up with a Black family with HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson looking on.

Maybe Trump has something on Clarke hidden away on film or something. That’s the only way to explain this reckless caping he does.

Check out Sheriff David Clarke’s tweet below and some of the responses on the flip.


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