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Over the years since its creation, The Nation of Islam has served as a source of inspiration for some while being viewed as the bane of “civilized” American society for others.

In either case, the often controversial organization has been the target of numerous conspiracies and government viewing projects with the 21st century marking a new age in these endeavors; it marks the first that time the government has ever publicly admitted any wrongdoing against the religious organization.

Homeland Security officials are formally apologizing to the Nation of Islam after it was discovered that they “unintentionally and inadvertently violated” official rules to keep tabs on Muslim organization, citing the group as a threat to national security.

Titled “Nation of Islam: Uncertain Leadership Succession Poses Risks,” the illegal voyeurism ended when a high ranking official noted that “the organization, despite its highly volatile and extreme rhetoric, has neither advocated violence nor engaged in violence.”

There has not been any admissions to other instances of unethincal spying by the American government to date, but I am sure the more are likely to surface, thanks to the Obama Administration’s commitment to transperancy.