A pair of families at Disney World got into an all-out brawl after a woman attempted to retrieve a lost cell phone.


Dr. Dre's Lawyer Says That Disney Wanted To Sign Him Based On The Success of 'The Chronic' But Changed Course After Reviewing the Lyrics


This show actually seems like it's going to have more comedy than Marvel's previous series. We're not mad at that.

After performing a moving rendition of "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" song at Disney World's 50th anniversary special, fans on Twitter are singing Halle's praises at the moment.

One of Disney’s most impactful projects is about to get a facelift. The Proud Family will relaunch in 2022 with an all star cast.

Not even Doctor Strange using the time stone could have seen this coming.

The incident, which took place in December 2019 and January 2019, came up again after a 2019 lawsuit said that the girl first met Massey when she was just 4 years of age.

As Twitter first predicted when it happened, ESPN — which Disney owns — has parted ways with Paul Pierce following his Instagram Live shenanigans.

Of course, some folks have found something to complain about when it comes to Disney's Pixar's latest animated film, Soul.


While we hope future Star Wars films emphasize diversity and give non-white characters their time to shine, we’re really crossing our fingers that said characters in a galaxy far, far away are a part of a better written story.