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Black Panther & Captain America Teaming Up In New Video Game

Source: Skydance New Media / Black Panther and Captain America

Day one of Disney’s D23 is officially a wrap, and gamers have some video games to look forward to coming from the house the mouse built and Marvel.

The Disney and Marvel Games Showcase went down on the Premiere Stage located in the Anaheim Convention Center on Friday (Sep.9), and Hip-Hop Wired was in the building. The presentation was hosted by Kinda Funny Games’ Blessing Adeoye Jr. and featured plenty of announcements and trailers for upcoming video games from both Disney and Marvel.

One game, in particular, stood out from the rest, a yet-to-be-named game from Skydance New Media and Marvel that features Black Panther and Captain America teaming up during World War II.

The game is headed by Amy Hennig, a former creative director on Naughty Dog’s Uncharted franchise who joined Skydance in October.

The game’s trailer doesn’t reveal any gameplay footage or even a title, but we know some details about the mysterious game. During the event, Henning announced four playable characters would be in the game. A young Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, Azzuri, T’Challa’s grandfather, will be this game’s Black Panther, Gabriel Jones, a US Soldier who is a part of the Howling Commandos, and  Nanali, a member of the Wakandan Spy Network.

We will see the group of heroes take on Nazis, most specifically Hydra in Paris and possibly Wakanda, according to the game’s teaser trailer.

This Game Will Not Be a Traditional Co-Op Adventure

One unfortunate detail is the game will not co-op. Hennig revealed the unfortunate news in an interview with IGN.

Per IGN:

While the title will indeed see Captain America and Black Panther (Azzuri, T’challa’s grandfather), gameplay wise don’t expect to team up with your friend in local or online.

“We experienced something partly intentionally partly by happy accident on Uncharted that for people playing our game it was a shared living room experience… even if their hand wasn’t on the controller,” Hennig responded. The goal for this title is to capture that same kind of shared living room experience even if players aren’t actively playing together.

The untitled Black Panther and Captain America game has no release date; we will keep you up to speed when more details are released.

As mentioned above, there were other games shown off during the presentation. You can peep them all in the gallery below.

Photo: Skydance New Media / Black Panther and Captain America

1. Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Live Among Legends Trailer

The Marvel strategy game from X-COM developer Firaxis Games now has a release date, December 2nd, 2022.

2. MARVEL SNAP – Release Date Trailer

Marvel Snap, its Hearthstone-like card game coming to PC and mobile, now has a release date of October 18th.

3. MARVEL World of Heroes Reveal Trailer

Think Pokemon GO, but with Marvel characters. Not much is known about this game from Niantic Labs, the same studio behind Pokemon GO, the popular mobile game.

4. Tron Identity – Reveal Teaser Trailer | D23 Expo 2022

Disney just dropped a teaser trailer for the game that takes place in the Tron universe, but the Steam page revealed that it is a visual novel mystery game. Tron Identity is set to arrive in 2023.