Captain America

Day one of Disney's D23 is officially a wrap, and gamers have some video games to look forward to coming from the house the mouse built and Marvel.


A few days ago Marvel announced that Captain America 4 had finally found its director in Julius Onah. Although this film will be starring Anthony Mackie as the new Cap, fans are torn on whether the actor can carry the shield that Chris Evans has been rocking for the past decade.

Anthony Mackie is about to level up on the big screen. The renowned actor portrays Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but is reportedly inked a deal to star in Marvel's Captain America 4.

Cain whined about the so-called "wokeness" of a new Captain America miniseries in where Steve Rodgers questions his allegiance to the "American Dream."


Though there's no real clear film that would seem like a perfect fit for Cap to make a comeback in, rumors about a Disney+ series centered around Captain America returning the infinity stones to their different timelines is one possibility.

Captain America was one of few Avengers to survive the Thanos snap, but after he helps try to fix the damage done by the Mad Titan, it looks like he will be hanging up his shield.

Chris Evans, aka Marvel’s Captain America, is winning a lot of points on the progressive front as he continues to push back against former KKK leader David Duke on Twitter. While Duke tried to paint Evans in a poor light, it appears all the avowed white supremacist did was make the Hollywood look to be […]

Chris Evans, the actor best known for playing the live-action version of Captain America, became a bit of a superhero online to some after taking on former KKK leader, David Duke. Evans took  Duke to task on Twitter over the support of Attorney General Jeff Sessions being confirmed this, with the pair engaging in a […]


Apparently the bro-mance between Captain America aka Steve Rogers and the Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes just isn’t enough for some. Thus, the hashtag, #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend and it’s loaded with plenty of smart fun and enough progressive attitudes to get right wingers panties (not necessarily the women’s, either) in a bunch. 

Well, it’s official: the Marvel Cinematic Cartel has a stranglehold on the game, and they’re not going to let go. This past Friday (May 6) Captain America: Civil War was unleashed on the masses and audiences were leaving theaters on such a high that the film could eventually find itself on the federal controlled substance […]

Besides Suicide Squad, another trailer that premiered during last night’s (April 10) MTV Movie Awards was for Captain America: Civil War. In the clip, Cap’s squad of superheroes issues some rather elegant fades. 

It’s that time again. Four months after its predecessor, Marvel has debuted the second actioned-packed trailer for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War flick earlier today (March 10).