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Chris Evans, aka Marvel’s Captain America, is winning a lot of points on the progressive front as he continues to push back against former KKK leader David Duke on Twitter. While Duke tried to paint Evans in a poor light, it appears all the avowed white supremacist did was make the Hollywood look to be the hero many see him as in his response.

It all began a week ago to the day when Evans took a jab at Duke approving of some of President Donald Trump’s choices to bolster his administration in the wake of the appointment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Evans slamming of Duke’s approval of Sessions, Steven Bannon and the recently ousted Michael Flynn, got under the Duke’s skin and sparked a mini-war of words.

The chatter between the pair continued this week as this past Sunday, Duke posted a photo of Evans with women of color and suggested that the actor doesn’t love white women. Evans fired back with a classy response, which has Twitter rallying around him in support.

Captain Rodgers, excuse us, Evans, responded with:

Naturally, the parallel between Evans’ on-screen alter-ego and adversary in Duke has played out well on Twitter.

And then there’s this:

Props to Buzzfeed.