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'The Little Mermaid' Gets Bright First Trailer, Twitter Loved It

Source: Disney / The Little Mermaid

It wasn’t all debates and anger last night during the 95th Oscar Awards. We finally got a full-length trailer for the live-action remake of Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

In one of the many happy moments last night during the Oscar Awards, stars of the highly anticipated film The Little Mermaid, Halle Bailey and Melissa McCarthy, were on hand to unveil the movie’s first trailer.

Bailey plays the popular underwater Disney Princess Ariel, and McCarthy will show off her talents as the outcast sea witch Ursula.

In the trailer, we get our first good look at Ariel in her underwater world before and the world she so desperately wants to be a part of to be with Prince Eric, whom she falls for after saving him from drowning.

Princess Ariel runs to Ursula, whom we finally see with her tentacles emitting a purple glow and letting off her signature laugh, which McCarthy absolutely nails before giving the mermaid princess human legs.

The Little Mermaid

Source: Disney / The Little Mermaid

Also seen in the trailer of live-action adaptions of Ariel’s father, King Triton (Javier Bardem), Sebastian the crab (Daveed Diggs), Flounder (Jacob Tremblay), and Scuttle the seagull (Awkwafina).

The Music & The Underwater World Are All On Point

The trailer also teases Bailey’s rendition of “Part of Your World” from the 1989 animated classic Acadmey Award-winning score. Our very own Bernard Beanz Smalls got to see and hear the entire song at the D23 Expo, and it did what it was supposed to do.

Also noticeable was how bright and vibrant the underwater scenes were, following numerous complaints from haters that the movie was “too dark.”

The Little Mermaid

Source: Disney / The Little Mermaid

The film looks very promising and swims into theaters on May 26. Hopefully, it can help you forget the meh Lion King live-action film. You can watch the trailer and see reactions to it in the gallery below.

Photo: Disney / The Little Mermaid

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