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X-Men '97

Source: Marvel / Disney+

The Marvel Cinematic Universe might be struggling in popularity at the moment (Deadpool & Wolverine has the potential to change that come this summer). But Disney sure does have comic book fans in a frenzy over their upcoming series and shows and had the internet buzzing when they dropped the first trailer to the highly anticipated X-Men ’97.

Decades after FOX’s X-Men went off the air, Disney+ is bringing back the beloved animated series and picking up where it left off in 1997 when Professor X bid farewell to his mutant family in the series finale. With Cyclops at the helm of the team, the OG X-Men team of Wolverine, Storm, Gambit, Rogue, Beast, Jean Grey and Jubilee will continue to take the fight to any and everyone who poses a threat to the world. Though no villains other than the Sentinel’s were shown, you can bet your bottom dollar that some of your favorite mutant baddies such as Apocalypse, Sabretooth, and Mr. Sinister will pop up throughout the series.

Featuring old school animation and the original score that 80’s babies grew to love on Saturday mornings, the new trailer promises to take us back to a time when a dollar could fetch you a bag of chips, a quarter juice and a Phillies blunt. We. Can’t. Wait.

X-Men ’97 is set to hit Disney+ on March 20. Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments section below.