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Two years after blessing Canibus with the lyrical fade, battle rapper Dizaster sought victory once again in a high profile battle verses Cassidy in Los Angeles last weekend.

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If you were a diehard Slaughterhouse fan cringing at the Joe Budden struggle during this season of Love And Hip-Hop, then you’re being offered a worthy consolation.

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There are times as a writer where you really can’t find the words to properly describe an event. This is one of those times. Canibus, who was once a highly respected lyricist, broke all types of Hip-Hop code when he brought a notepad with him during a rap battle. Not just any rap battle, but […]

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Yo, Canibus was really rapping off a notepad b. Last night, the “Second Round K.O.” rapper and Dizaster battled in LA on pay per view and Twitter was abuzz when Canibus started rhyming off a notepad. We’re not even going to front like we really care about the rest of the battle (word is Dizaster […]