While promoting his latest endeavors in music and acting, Snoop Dogg touched down in Atlanta Wednesday to bring the city what they’ve been missing from the icon, More Malice. As previously reported Snoop is preparing for the release of his More Malice: Deluxe Album and Movie, a re-release of his latest project featuring new music […]

Rapper Snoop Dogg continues to find ways to think outside of the box.  As other rappers are branching out and launching fragrances and new brands for alcohol, the Dogg sets his sights to even newer horizons. Partnering up with voiceskins.com, Uncle Snoop will now be launching his own GPS system.  The VoiceSkin will be available […]

“It’s your boy Snoop D-O Double G and I am such a fan of the WWE.” Recently, the WWE has broadened its audience and found a new way to appeal to fans by having guest hosts appear on the show.  From Bob Barker to Floyd “Money” Mayweather to Al Sharpton, the wrestling universe has covered […]