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Peyton Manning is one of most celebrated NFL players of all time, but new allegations have surfaced that the Denver Broncos quarterback may have used performance-enhancing drugs. A new documentary links Manning and other athletes to a doping ring that allegedly supplied drugs such as human growth hormone among other items.


Lance Armstrong may never be forgiven for cheating his way to seven Tour de France titles, which might be why a library in Australia got creative in their response to the scandal. Someone at the library– located in the suburb of Sydney, known as Manly, (yes, that’s the real name)– was so bent out of […]


After years of denial, Lance Armstrong finally admitted to using performance enhancement drugs, but reports say that he may have still been deceitful. The seven-time Tour De France winner was adamant about stopping doping in 2005, but according to investigators he continued the practice until 2009.


Things still aren’t going well for Lance Armstrong. The disgraced athlete has been stripped of his Olympic medal for doping, it was announced today. In spite of his confession to using performance enhancement drugs, the International Olympic Committee has gone forward with its plan to snatch back the bronze medal he won at the 2000 […]


Lance Armstrong is said to be ready to admit to taking steroids during an interview with Oprah Winfrey. The cycling champion, who was stripped of all his accolades for doping, has never publicly admitted to using performance enhancement drugs—until now.