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Lance Armstrong may never be forgiven for cheating his way to seven Tour de France titles, which might be why a library in Australia got creative in their response to the scandal.

Someone at the library– located in the suburb of Sydney, known as Manly, (yes, that’s the real name)– was so bent out of shape at the thought of Armstrong continuing one of the biggest lies in sports history, that they vowed to move all books about him to the “fiction” section.

An image of the library announcement reads: “ALL LANCE ARMSTRONG BOOKS INCLUDING ‘Lance Armstrong: Images of a Champion,’ ‘The Lance Armstrong Performance Program’ and Lance Armstrong: World’s Greatest Champion’ WILL SOON BE MOVED TO THE FICTION SECTION.”

Once the photo was posted online, a discussion was opened, questioning the move,  comments of which made its way back to officials for the Manly Council. According to a spokesman, the action is under review. “We want to try and discourage it from happening again,” the spokesman said. “I have said sorry because the staff has spent most of today dealing with media inquiries.”

The father of five has denied allegations of doping for several years, even allowing his young sun to defend him, before finally deciding to come clean. Armstrong’s  admission was spread over a two-night event on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network. During the interview the 41-year-old was seen by some as lacking remorse a critique made worse by an ill-fated joke in which he tried to explain disrespecting his former teammate’s wife, Betsy Andreu. Armstrong called Andreu both “crazy” and a “Beyotch,” for accusing him of doping, but told Winfrey that while he did use those words, he never called her “fat.”  Winfrey did not verbally respond to the quip.

With his career potentially broken beyond repair, Armstrong also expressed the desire to continue competing, however the United State Anti-Doping Agency has banned him from the sport, for life.

See the library’s announcement below.

Photo: OWN/Complex

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