Ye aka Kanye West's reported plans to visit Australia have been met with government officials suggesting that he would be banned from obtaining a visa due to his antisemitic comments. The criticism also was echoed by members of an Australian Jewish organization.

The veteran New Zealand actor, best known for his role as Dr. Alan Grant in the 'Jurassic Park' franchise, confirmed the reason for the costume change in order to reflect his vision of the future.

The couple has been on the Island nation for three weeks while Tom Hanks is filming for an upcoming Elvis Presley biopic. Their son, Chet Hanks, says he's spoken to his family and that they're recovering.

The NBA has long been the global standard of elite basketball, but that perception was shifted radically Friday when Team USA lost to Team Australia in a stunning turn of events. As a result, the Gregg Popovich-led squad snapped its 78-game winning streak to a squad that features a standout player Pop coaches for the […]

R. Kelly probably realized that few folks in America wanted to see him live in concert after the Lifetime docu-series. The beleaguered singer turned hands when news came out he was working on a tour in Australia but has since deleted a tweet announcing the event.

A white Australian street performer cursed out a group of people protesting the deaths of aboriginals in police custody for cutting into he performance time. Tanya George, a well-known busker in the country, called out the group who were gathered in support of Indigenous people for International Human Rights Day.

A scam of the highest order was unleashed onto the unsuspecting after it was revealed the largest Black Lives Matter Facebook page was run by a white man in Australia. Ian Mackay was the mastermind behind the page that had twice as many users as the official BLM page, and even took donations under the banner of […]

Considering Lil Wayne has a history of legal issues, perhaps the last thing he’d want to do is suggest his crew is armed to the teeth with gats and ready to set it on crowdy concert goers. But that’s exactly what happened with the Young Money honcho over the weekend in Austrailia after revelers began […]

Drizzy was about to hop off stage to put the mitts on a female-groping male audience member.

Cameras at the Australian Open scrolled by a fan in blackface during a Serena Williams match Wednesday (Jan. 27). The woman smeared what looks like paint (or shoe polish?) all over her face.

Chris Brown is learning the hard way that it will take more than a few seasons for the world to see he turned over a new leaf.

An Apple store manager issued an apology to six young Black students who were kicked out of an Australian store over concerns that they “might steal something.” The racist interaction was recorded, and began circling around social media earlier this week.