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Australians Celebrate Australia Day

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A white Australian street performer cursed out a group of people protesting the deaths of aboriginals in police custody for cutting into he performance time. Tanya George, a well-known busker in the country, called out the group who were gathered in support of Indigenous people for International Human Rights Day.

Ten Daily reports:

Footage of George arguing with attendees — which included the sister of Wayne ‘Fella’ Morrison, Latoya Aroha Rule — was captured by onlookers.

“Hey guys, I’ve got five more minutes and then I’m out of here,” she implored the group, who held placards with the faces of First Nations men and women found dead in police custody.

“I’m trying to make money here. I live on the streets and you’re f*cking s*it up for me, Jesus Christ,” she continued.

One frustrated attendee could be heard off-camera as she scolded George for her stance.

“You have this space every day! We can’t get half an hour to speak about human rights? For God’s sake. First come, first served!”

Other people joined in and called out the singer — who is described as “a proud representative of the LGBTQ community, a vegan and believer in gender equality” in her artist bio — by her name.

George, 25, has since apologized for both cursing at the group and deleted an Instagram Live video where she called the protesters rude.

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