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Serena Williams already contends with rampant drug testing and other forms of micro-aggressions simply because she’s a Black woman atop her sport of tennis, but a recent jab just might be among the worst offenses she’s faced yet. An Austrailian newspaper published an offensive cartoon depicting Williams in the wake of her U.S. Open loss to Naomi Osaka and the Internet is letting the paper have it.

The Herald Sun published the work of cartoonist Mark Knight, which features Williams looking nothing like her athletic and glamorous self, while instead showcased as the total opposite. Making it worse, Knight depicts the Haitian-Japanese Osaka as if she’s a skinny blonde white woman with an umpire leaning over saying “can you just let her win?”

Several athletes, entertainers, and fans have blasted the Sun for publishing the cartoon. Knight was especially proud of his work and tweeted it out which garnered the expected response.

So far, the Sun has decided to keep the cartoon up despite the waves of criticism.

And check out this “reply” from Knight.

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