Newspapers around the country have dropped the "Dlibert" cartoon after its creator, Scott Adams, issued highly racist comments about white people needing to "get the hell away from Black people" in a live stream last week. Elon Musk would write that the "media is racist" on Twitter on Saturday in response to the backlash from the newspapers.


One of our long time requests has finally been answered. A cult classic is being revived for the culture.


Serena Williams already contends with rampant drug testing and other forms of micro-aggressions simply because she’s a Black woman atop her sport of tennis, but a recent jab just might be among the worst offenses she’s faced yet. An Austrailian newspaper published an offensive cartoon depicting Williams in the wake of her U.S. Open loss […]

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Cartoons have a long history within Hip-Hop culture. While many artists have lent their voices to different animated productions in the past, a new series called Chozen is primed to be a game changer as it is centered around a gay white rapper.


The Toronto Star is repenting for publishing a cartoon showcasing a racial stereotype. The illustration, drawn by Michael de Adder, shows a little Black girl under the header “Injuries ot Expect Before They Are Two” and notes a “head laceration from a medium-caliber bullet,” as one of her expected wounds. Published last Wednesday (July 18), […]

Nicki Minaj Explains ‘Ice Age’ Role Nicki Minaj sat with MTV and used her English accent to describe how she was picked for a part in Ice Age: Continental Drift. The Young Money first lady says she loves animated films and she used two different voices and asked the producers to pick the best one. […]

QueenBeeVsBarbie @BYOBEnt (Nicki Minaj vs Lil Kim Rap Battle Parody) This monumental battle speaks for itself as Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim go at it for one round each with an apparent victor.

Apparently, the Hip-Hop world isn’t large enough to keep Soulja Boy entertained as he goes behind the scenes to create and release his own animated series. While high school might seem dull to most, it’s something more of an adventure through the eyes of the rapper and S.O.D.M.G., thanks to the fine invention of animation […]