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The legendary Stevie Wonder sent out a video in the late hours of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day calling on lawmakers to step up and do the hard work to advance voting rights and democracy by getting rid of the filibuster, stopping short of cussing them out.


Can you imagine spotting a young hypebeast absent-mindedly rocking a sweatshirt emblazoned with the face of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with no idea who he is? Thanks to Supreme, it just may happen. 


On a day where we should be chanting “let freedom ring,” a few people let gunshots ring instead.

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In case the apology tweets weren’t enough, Saigon comes through with a visual explaining the whole ordeal once again. The only difference this time is the rapper also debuts a new single. You got to love and appreciate the struggle tactics displayed. The Yardfather takes time to flash his passport and establlish the fact that he’s in Germany, hence the […]

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Would Dr. Martin Luther King Approve Of Hip-Hop’s Current State?   Martin Luther King, Jr. still remains an iconic and towering figure of the African-American Civil Rights movement, his distinctive timbre still ringing in the minds of anyone who has ever heard one of his many recorded speeches. King’s assassination in April of 1968 took […]