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In case the apology tweets weren’t enough, Saigon comes through with a visual explaining the whole ordeal once again. The only difference this time is the rapper also debuts a new single. You got to love and appreciate the struggle tactics displayed. The Yardfather takes time to flash his passport and establlish the fact that he’s in Germany, hence the reason for missing his phone calls.

The video starts off with a short story of his three year old daughter asking him politely what a “Menage” (not Minaj) is. He then gets to addressing the Rick Ross situation, in which he solidifies his gangsta by stating he does what 100.99% of us don’t do when we have a problem, “@ SOMEBODY” (more laughs). The slander begins as he claims the “fake” reporter from SOHH asked for a quote for the Lil’ Kim show Sai was doing in the BX. Saigon then claims that while commenting on his new album, the reporter took a segment of it and ran with it as shots at Rick Ross.

He goes on to state Radio One, Clear Channel, and current Chairman and CEO of both Universal & Sony Records, Doug Morris are who he has his issues with. He feels they’re merely all pawns in the industry. He then proclaims he is similar to Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King  and Tupac in regards to his fight for his people. Finally he gets to the REAL reason of the video, which was to debut his single titled “Rap Vs. Real”, which is self explanatory.


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