drug raid

Narcos continue to innovate their illegal trade business. One recent sting found a drug ring using diplomatic resources to move the work.

The mother of former NBA player Chris Bosh was the target of a drug trafficking sting in Texas Friday morning (Dec. 8) which, according to varying reports, has not led to any arrests although paraphernalia of an unknown sort was seized. The home was raided after neighbors tipped police off to suspected drug activity and […]

A doctor who worked at the Rikers island prison facility was arrested by NYPD officers and DEA agents for his role in an oxycodone drug ring. Thursday (January 31) morning, Dr. Robert Gibbs was caught in a raid at his Harlem office.

There comes a point in time where there must be more of a consistency in calling law enforcement for their countless blunders. In the latest screw up from the badge, a woman was hospitalized; suffering a heart attack after officers entered her home to perform a drug raid, according to The Associated Press. The home, […]