dustin diamond

It's not alright when it comes to the health of Saved By The Bell star Dustin Diamond.

Screech just can’t get right. Actor Dustin Diamond of Save By The Bell fame is back in a Wisconsin jail for a parole violation. 


These are were your heroes. Actor Dustin Diamond, best known for his role as Screech on 90s teen show Saved By The Bell, has started his 4-month jail sentence for his role in a barroom brawl on Christmas 2014. 

Dustin Diamond, who will forever be known as Screech from Saved By The Bell, made headlines after he was arrested back in December for allegedly stabbing a man in a bar. Although Diamond posted bail, he’ll have to stand trial after a judge’s ruling on Monday (Jan. 5).

Dustin Diamond was arrested in Wisconsin early Friday morning (Dec. 27) for allegedly stabbing a guy. The Saved By The Bell star whipped out his switchblade, allegedly, and attacked during a confrontation at the Grand Avenue Saloon on Christmas.