Funkmaster Flex is back on his WWE vibes. The Hot 97 hot’s newest target is T.I. and he is questioning his King of the South claims.

Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast (after massacring the West Indies) in late October, leaving thousands homeless, millions without power, and billions of dollars in damage. In hopes of helping to bring in donations to those in need some of music’s biggest names are participating in 12.12.12: The Concert For Sandy Relief tonight.

Hafiz Saeed, wanted to give the U.S. help after Sandy destroyed areas of the East Coast, and was swiftly turned down. The Pakistani terrorist leader, and accused mastermind of 2008 attacks on Mumbai that killed over 160 people, sent out a written statement Wednesday (Oct. 31) offering up both supplies and volunteers to help in the […]

Mitt Romney is doing more damage control over previous comments he made about wanting to cut the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In the wake of Sandy—the storm which destroyed many areas on the East Coast—Romney is assuring the public that while last year he thought that disaster recovery should be left up to the […]

One day after tropical cyclone Sandy hit the East Coast causing damage in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and beyond, President Obama signed important disaster declarations. The move opens the door for federal assistance to the areas hit hard by the the storm.

In times of distress, people tend to turn to comedy to make them feel better. That’s why it should come as no surprise that Hurricane Sandy has already opened a Twitter account. The storm, pegged to cause tons of damage to the East Coast, after wreaking havoc on Caribbean countries, joined the social networking site […]

As Hurricane Sandy prepares to potentially do catastrophic damage on the East Coast, President Obama and Mitt Romney have pumped the breaks on their campaign efforts. Both candidates suspended travel in light of the storm.

Hip-Hop and dope sneakers have a relationship that goes back as far as the inception of the culture itself. Since the fly and flashy era of the ‘80s rappers have made it a point to be seen sporting nothing less than the latest in urban footwear. Some even paid homage to their latest foot fetish […]