Latto posted a pair of used panties on eBay and almost raised $100,000 for the underwear, but the retailer service shut it down.


Last week eBay and StockX announced that they’d be adding new fees to the sneakers sold on their websites and now eBay is making a new announcement as they’ve revealed that they will be partnering with FedEx for both shipping and authenticating purposes.


In just one day both eBay and StockX shocked sneaker resellers when both announced that they’d be raising fees on sneakers sold through their services.


The Nike SB Dunk has been the hottest sneaker out in these streets for the past few years. While we continue to get bombarded by new and sometimes unnecessary colorways, the latest eBay SB Dunk might be the most struggle of them all, respectfully.


eBay got some big plans for sneakerheads this Memorial Day weekend as they plan on opening up shop in LA and actually reward sneakerheads who wear whatever kicks they cop at their spot.


Does this mean that heads will get their sneakers quicker? The sneaker authentication process usually means an extra week or so of waiting for you to get your kicks in the mail (a small price to pay for peace of mind)


The "Inside Drop" will be available to all ebayers across the board and will feature all kinds of grails that had you feeling blue when you got that notification that you had an "L" in your back pocket.


About damn time. Unfortunately there's no retro authenticating option but we can't always get what we want. Anyone who has a SNKRS app knows that all too well.

Rona or no Rona, sneakers are still getting copped. eBay and Sole Supremacy are allowing sneakerheads the opportunity to cop some hard to find kicks.

The resale game is about to get a jolt of much needed energy. One of the biggest platforms is letting young entrepreneurs live like never before.

The sneaker game just got some life breathed into it. Enthusiasts will get the chance to buy some rare feet pieces courtesy of eBay.

The sneaker resale industry is showing no signs of slowing down according to eBay’s 2018 Shopping Report revealed today and highlights trends on the e-commerce site.