A 16-year-old girl in Sierra Leone died from Ebola, officials in the country announced yesterday (Sept. 14). The teen passed away Sunday in Makeni, a city within the northern province of Bombali, near Guinea.

More than six weeks after Liberia was officially declared Ebola free, the deadly fever has returned to the West African nation. A 17-year-old male was confirmed dead from the disease this week.

Long-running CBS news series 60 Minutes is under fire from a group of journalists and scholars responding to recent reports from the show primarily focused on the Ebola outbreak in Africa. According to the group, the program’s approach to Black Africans and the fight over the deadly disease comes across as outdated and “anachronistic.”

As of October 29, 2014, the Center for Disease Control had three confirmed cases of the Ebola virus in the United States. That means out of a total population of 316.1 million people, you’d pretty much have to exchange bodily fluids with three people to bring your Walking Dead nightmares to life.

KIDULT, street artist known for his guerrilla-style graffiti, is sending out a controversial message about today’s Ebola crisis using one of America’s most iconic brands.

There was only one controversial outfit that could trump the shock value of people dressing up like Ray Rice this October: Ebola Halloween costumes.

Ebola has officially made it’s way to the city that never sleeps, and New Yorkers are losing their minds.  As previously reported, 31-year-old doctor Craig Spencer tested positive for the disease Thursday (Oct. 23).

If you thought the world’s latest health scare was on its way to being permanently eradicated in the United States, think again. A doctor who recently returned from West Africa has just tested positive for Ebola.

Tavis Smiley was a guest ABC News’ This Week on Sunday, where guests held a round table discussion on a variety of issues. Conservative and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol was blasted by longtime talk show host after he suggested countries in Africa stricken by Ebola be essentially quarantined.

Cam’Ron is concerned about an outbreak of the Ebola virus in the United States. So much so that the Harlem rapper will be selling #CamEbolaMasks to help keep you healthy. 

The outbreak of Ebola centered in West Africa is certainly frightening. While it is the largest outbreak to date, having claimed the lives of many around the globe, we need to know a few facts that might help alleviate some of the panic festering deep inside.

Amber Vinson’s name is ringing out in the hallways of two suburban Cleveland schools after her travels have forced classes to be cancelled on Thursday.