If you are an anti-masker start saving your coins. The TSA has upped the penalty price if you don’t mask up.


The Golden State Warriors star was a guest analyst with the NBA on TNT crew last Friday (Aug. 7) when he made comments regarding Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker.

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Maino‘s insistence on not damaging his Bentley Continental got him arrested. Last month, the rapper was caught driving with a suspended licence and without a licence plate on the front of his ride.


Craig Robinson was turning up a little too much during a recent trip to the Bahamas. The comedian and The Office star was arrested in the Caribbean country after being popped with weed and ecstasy at the airport on his way back to the states. 


The Romanian justice system takes its dress code very seriously. A judge in a high-profile art trial in Hungary fined one of the defense lawyers over $1000 US for rocking jeans and a bright blue pair of adidas to court.


Chief Keef isn’t going to jail, yet. Today (June 18), the Chicago rapper pled guilty to speeding and was hit with a fine, placed on probation and ordered to complete community service.

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Roy Hibbert is wishing he took note of the nuances between “pause” and “no homo” right about now. The Indiana Pacer’s use of the latter during a post-game press conference has led to him receiving a $75,000 fine by the NBA.

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Remember when Gucci Mane picked up that woman in his SUV, then promptly pushed her out the still moving vehicle when she didn’t say what she wanted to hear? TMZ reports, it’s going to cost him 60 grand. Gucci was arrested in 2011 after he allegedly pushed a woman named Diana Graham out of a moving Hummer — all because […]