The city of Houston is battling the family of a deceased firefighter who died of cancer, which officials and her own fire department chief said was a direct result of her line of work. However, the city claims Margaret Roberts’ condition was due to her race and weight and her husband is fighting to have […]


Ka, one of Hip-Hop’s strongest lyricists and a critical darling of the past few years, has seen his visibility rise along with more inquiries into the background of the gravelly-voiced rapper, With a daytime job as a New York Fire Department captain, the Brooklyn artist is turning heads not only for his bars but the […]

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Snoop Dogg was almost banned entry to the entire continent of Australia and he’s already making is presence felt in the loudest way possible.


As in everything in life, there are good and bad firefighters in the world. The good ones risk their lives to prevent others from suffering a burning death, and even may appear quick-witted and crafty. The bad ones? Well, they play practical racist jokes on citizens they visit.

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Firefighters looking to combat an upstate New York house and vehicle fire earlier Monday (Dec. 24) were unsuspecting victims of a gunman who shot four of the first responders, fatally wounding two of them. According to Webster Police Chief Gerald L. Pickering, the firefighters may have stumbled upon a trap, reports ABC News. 

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A firehouse in Florida has taken their feelings for President Obama to a whole new level. Members of the team of firefighters are using toilet tissue bearing the president’s face to wipe their… you get the idea.