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As in everything in life, there are good and bad firefighters in the world.

The good ones risk their lives to prevent others from suffering a burning death, and even may appear quick-witted and crafty.

The bad ones? Well, they play practical racist jokes on citizens they visit.

An Orange County, Fla firefighter was recently suspended for 12 hours without pay for leaving an axe with a Confederate flag painted on it at the scene of a burning home owned by a Black man.

Reports WFTV:

The report claims a black man who lived at the home that was burning was already upset about the fire at his home, so when a fire department lieutenant saw the ax with the flag painted on it, he told a supervisor about it and took it away before the homeowner saw it.

He denied being racist or intending to offend anyone.

The report calls it “startling” that most other firefighters at Station 42, including supervisors who should have been doing regular equipment checks, denied ever seeing the Confederate flag.

“Either they knew and didn’t say anything, or they should have known,” said Orange County Fire Chief Otto Drozd.

Besides the heaping loads of BS cooking from the flames, you can smell a bit of nepotism to coincide with the story. The firefighter is Jonathan Holton, the son of the assistant Fire Chief.

America’s refusal to cease and desist from all things Confederate flag recently invaded Hip-Hop once more as Alabama rapper Yelawolf quickly had a change of heart after posting photos of himself draped in the Southern garb.

Peep the gallery for pics of Holton’s controversial axe. It’s 2014 in America. You have to love it.

Photo: WFTV

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