Netflix has a new show debuting on May 26 titled High on the Hog: How 'African American Cuisine Transformed America.' The docuseries celebrates African American cuisine while exploring its connection to racism, slavery, and classism.

Travis Scott continues to put on for his hometown. He and his staff organized a drive to ensure the underserved could enjoy homecooked meals.

Starting in 2021, Uncle Ben's and all of its rice products will be rebranded under the new name: Ben's Original. Executives at Mars Food released a statement about the new change and admitted to making the change after receiving criticism over the racially insensitive branding. A new initiative will be launched to help underserved communities across the country.

Master P is bossing up in the consumer packaged goods industry. He now has his sights on the everyday foods we grew up with.

The locked-down facility in Orlando, Fla. is doing its best to accommodate teams and players, but some believe the food selection is on the level of the foods airlines serve in coach.

6LACK has the streets with his newest release and is about to turn up the temperature up again. He is releasing his own food condiment line.

One of the most recently impactful collectives in the culture is standing up for the people. They are speaking facts and reminding the world where the United States got their kitchen magic from.

Dwyane Wade continues to show the world how much of a class act he is. He is supporting his city by providing meals to essential staffers in his city.

Master P is about to add consumer packaged goods to his already impressive resume. The Hip-Hop mogul has recently announced a new venture.

Lil B not only has a passion self expression but apparently for eating as well. The first episode of his cooking show Food Makes Me Happy is here.

Oprah Winfrey is aiming to use her powerful branding and image to promote a new line of healthy food options coming to grocery stores this fall. The media mogul partnered with food manufacturing giant Kraft for the O, That’s Good! line aimed at getting consumers to get health-conscious as it relates to prepared foods.

Appetite For Change’s “Grow Food” clips have been going viral on social media, watch the entire video here.