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Hopsin is fed up with the state of Hip-Hop and he’s prepared to put his money where his mouth is.

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O.K. So let’s say you’re not necessarily a struggle rapper but you don’t have the connections to get your music out to the those who need to hear it. If that is your dilemma, you have better entered Funk Volume’s seventh annual “Don’t Funk Up Our Beats” Rap Contest.

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Remember Hopsin’s sentimental exit from the rap game a couple of weeks ago? Well, it was nothing but a farce; a mere folly with fan’s emotions for a quick laugh.

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Dizzy Wright has been carefully playing chess with his career since his XXL cover left him with an extra avenue to steer on. Which brings us to the current moment in time where the rhyming phenom from Vegas begins to unload all the contents currently weighing on his brain.


Funk Volume are well on their way to become independent mainstays in the rap game like Strange Music and Top Dawg Entertainment before them.