Tekashi 6ix9ine is setting himself up to reveal what he knows about the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang, and he’s already expressed fears about testifying against his former affiliates. Prosecutors in the case have asked the jury in the matter if the rapper’s snitching will sway how they decide the case in any way.

While the masses still grieve for Nipsey Hussle some good news has come from this tragedy. The gentleman who was also hit in the shooting has been given his freedom back.

Benjy Melendez, a former leader of the Ghetto Brothers gang and band, has died according to news from his wife. Melendez, also known as Yellow Benjy, was a subject of the 2015 Rubble Kings documentary which focused on the tensions between street gangs in the Bronx during the 70s and the truce Melendez helped negotiate between […]

The Pop Out Boyz, a Brooklyn-based credit scanner gang and rap crew, had their criminal enterprise busted up by NYPD in April. As the case moves forward, details about the illegal operation have come forth and look to signals a disturbing trend in New York and abroad regarding scanners.

Authorities in New York announced the indictment of 18 gang members Wednesday (Feb. 3) accused of causing “a wave of terror and enormous bloodshed” throughout Brooklyn. The No Love City gang, responsibly for shooting up the set of a Meek Mill video last June, face 76 counts for murder, and more.

The Latin Kings, one of the most violent street gangs in America, saw the arrest of 14 alleged members in Brooklyn. The Latin Kings were arrested for shooting, stabbing, and also scalping their rivals across the city.

NYPD officials conducted a massive raid in Harlem Wednesday morning aimed at ending a gang feud in a pair of housing projects in the borough. Although official numbers have yet to be released, police arrested dozens of alleged gang members with some unconfirmed reports saying the arrests led into the hundreds.

A shooting in New York last week that claimed the life of a toddler boy as he was pushed in a stroller has resulted in the arrest of a pair of suspects last Friday (September 6). The intended target was the toddler’s gang-affiliated father, and one of the suspected killers reportedly expressed remorse for his […]

Los Angeles police scored a victory in their war against gangs with a massive takedown of nearly three dozen Crips gang members Thursday (August 29). Dubbed “Operation Thumbs Down,” the LAPD went after one of the city’s oldest and most notorious gangs in the Rollin’ 30s Harlem Crips.

We don’t think Nicki Minaj quite had this in mind when she began calling her legion of fans “Barbies.” In an ongoing joint effort by the New York Police Department and federal authorities to curb gang violence, “Operation  Patria” helped to take down up to as many as 50 members linked to the violent Bronx […]

Chicago’s growing infamy as a result of the violence plaguing the city has been one of the saddest news developments in some time.  Warring gang factions have overrun huge swaths of the Windy City, gripping many persons young and old in fear. In recent weeks newscasters have been investigating the phenomenon, with ABC’s late-night news […]

The sprawling city of Chicago has made national news headlines of late for the violent and rapid spike of gang-related murders – now numbering 320 in 2012 so far. As the inner city strife mars the Windy City’s image, young rappers such as Chief Keef and the late Lil Jo Jo, with the latter of […]