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A shooting in New York last week that claimed the life of a toddler boy as he was pushed in a stroller has resulted in the arrest of a pair of suspects last Friday (September 6). The intended target was the toddler’s gang-affiliated father, and one of the suspected killers reportedly expressed remorse for his role in the slaying.

Daquan Breland, 23, and second suspect Daquan Wright, 19, were arrested in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., this after Breland allegedly shot and killed 16-month Antiq Hennis in Brownsville on September 1. Reportedly looking for revenge Breland was said to have bragged about killing 22-year-old Anthony Hennis, but changed his tune once he found he killed his son instead writes the New York Daily News.

“I love kids, I wanted to be a father. Now there’s no time,” said Breland allegedly to the Daily News in an interview from jail. “I’m not a baby killer, that’s not me . To slay a baby in a stroller, that’s an evil act. Now I have to live with it. I know how people see me. If something happens to me here, I understand.”

Ironically, Breland’s neck bears a tattoo that reads “Family Comes 1st.”

A massive manhunt launched by the NYPD led police to a Wilkes-Barre apartment and found Breland lying face down on the floor as he surrendered without incident.; Wright was also found at the same location as they awaited their fate.

Antiq’s father, a known Crips member, did not cooperate with authorities and it has been bandied about that the shooting was related to gang activity.

Antiq Hennis was laid to rest at a funeral last Friday, and the boy’s father stated he was devoted to his son. “I’m a super gangbanger, but I was always with my son,” said Hennis.

Check out photos of the accused and little Antiq Hennis on the following pages.

Photos: New York Daily News

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