Shakur was a notable member of the Crips gang in Los Angeles who went on to become a motivational speaker and revolutionary thinker.

The Twitter exchange opens up a wider dialog regarding the cultural and casual usage of the controversial and historically hateful word.

After his untimely passing Nipsey Hussle became a symbol of hope. Unfortunately a group of entrepreneurs tried to cash in on his name with no care for his legacy.

While the Rap world continues to mourn the loss of Nipsey Hussle his affairs have yet to be amicable resolved. A legal battle is about ensue over the rights of one of his signature sayings.

Even though he is no longer with us in the physical we have yet to get the entire Pop Smoke story. It is now being reported that the law was pressing him for insider information.

It appears to be some manner of a beef brewing between Wack 100 and YG, this after The Game’s manager seemed to take a shot at the “Go Loko” star. Wack essentially called Blueface, Game, and Mozzy legit gang bangers while insulating that YG paid his way into the Bloods gang.

Nipsey Hussle‘s tragic loss has left behind a towering and still developing legacy that members of the gang he was a part of hope to keep intact. The Crips holding company has filed legal documents to trademark the late rapper’s “The Marathon Continues” slogan and to build community programs around the phrase.

While the masses still grieve for Nipsey Hussle some good news has come from this tragedy. The gentleman who was also hit in the shooting has been given his freedom back.

Cameron Terrell, a rich white Los Angeles teenager who lived a double life as a member of the Crips gang, was acquitted of murder and now plans to study law. Terrell, 18, drove the getaway vehicle in the murder of a 21-year-old man and said during the trial he thought he and his crew were […]

The blue fatwa on Kanye West has been lifted. The Crips have reportedly decided not to bless Kanye West with a proper fade on sight despite Daz Dillinger’s urging. 

The announcement of Kendrick Lamar‘s gang-unifying Reebok Ventilator sneakers was met with a little curiosity over its red and blue colorways in representing the Blood and Crip gangs. Two gang members from the Bloods and Crips respectively sat down with Top Dawg Entertainment and discussed Lamar’s aim with the shoes.

Federal agents were mad a notorious NYC Crips gang were flagarant, and they recently closed a months-long investigation to ensure they were off the streets for good.