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Is there a Crip HR for non-Crips to make a complaint? Apparently, some Twitter users think that Vince Staples is the closest thing to that department.

After trying to start a conversation about the NBA playoffs the Long Beach rapper took some incoming fire on Twitter from Hip-Hop blogger DDot Omen for not speaking up about a video showing a gang of Asian Crips in Sacramento using the N-Word and calling themselves “Real Black N-ggas” while wearing “Stop Asian Hate Shirts.”

We know—there’s a lot of irony to unpack there. 

Staples, a reformed gangbanger who ran with the Crips growing up in Long Beach, was probably confused on why DDot directed the tweet at him like he’s responsible for these non-Black Crips that he’s probably never met who reside in Sacramento, which is a 5 and half hour drive by car. But, he did offer to give DDot a ride to share his grievances. California is a very big state so that’s nice of him. 

The exchange prompted other Twitter users to pile on suggesting Staples is scared and enabling for not policing the racial indiscretions of all blue ragged gang members like he’s the Cuhh Commander. 

Staples pointed out the egregiousness of it all and that Crip Human Resources is, in fact, not operational at this time. He is not the representative to address Crip complaints to and that Black people can act in their own volition and speak up on their own if they have a problem with non-blacks using the N-Word.

He also dropped this revelation.