Protests along the Gaza-Israel border have been raging for weeks now as Palestinians are asking for a series of demands including allowing Palestinian refugees to return to Israel. As the United States Embassy opened in Jerusalem on Monday, dozens of protesters who tried to cross the border were killed by Israeli forces including a baby […]

Illuminated citizens and protestors in New York City allowed their thoughts on the Gaza conflicts to be heard loud in clear when they hoisted a giant Palestinian flag on top of the Manhattan bridge (yesterday August 20).

The conflict between Israel and Palestine continues to mount, with now over 1,300 dead and an overwhelming amount of the casualties being children. On Wednesday, the Israeli Defense Force bombed a school serving as a United Nations shelter and the organization has condemned the attack by calling it “shameful.”

The magic of social media has brought the conflict in Gaza onto our computer screens, and portable devices. Nearly a months of airstrikes and bombing along the strip populated by over 1 million people, broadened on Tuesday (July 29) shutting down power, sewage, and running water.