girl scout cookies

Donald Glover adds to his mystique with each new video and public appearance, but what you start to get a sense of is he’s just a regular person who happens to be talented at creating. Speaking of creating, a little girl who went viral singing Childish Gambino‘s hit song “Redbone” to sell Girl Scout cookies […]

After years of prohibiting Internet sales, the Girl Scouts of America approves what they call the “Digital Cookie.”

It’s Girl Scout cookies season across the nation, making fans of the sweet treats very happy and bringing in big sales for one very smart  little girl. A savvy Girl Scout had the bright idea to sell her wares outside of a medical marijuana clinic and as one can imagine, she sold a whopping 117 […]

Rumor has it that Girl Scout cookies are pretty addicting. Here’s proof. A man in South Carolina was arrested in a cookie-grabbing heist worth a reported value of $19,0000.