Drake’s good will has changed the life one individual forever. The winner from the “God’s Plan” scholarship used the funds to get her Master’s degree.

For whatever reason, Ray Lewis made an observation on the troubles of Odell Beckham Jr. and equated the football star’s troubles with the assumption OBJ has a lost his connection with God. Considering Lewis has a questionable past of his own, folks on Twitter gave the former Baltimore Ravens great the business to the point […]

“Honestly, I’m fully committed God and I don’t compromise that. I never came in with the intention to throw lyrical jabs or “diss” Jay-Z.  My position is always from the defense never the offense so my message is not against Jay-Z or people in the industry… it’s just for God.  I really am just trying […]

Fallacious right-wing rumors declaring that President Obama is an enemy to the Constitutionally protected right for American’s to bear arms is pushing one Butler, Missouri car salesman to offer his customers an unreal purchase incentive. Mark Muller, a purveyor of fine American made automobiles, is seeking to get rid of the gas-guzzling items in his […]