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Andre Channel and his family are speaking out about their next-door neighbor in an Oregon suburb who targeted them with a racist slur painted on their own home. The family feels that they are not safe as it's the latest incident of the neighbor's increasingly unstable behavior.

According to reports, Taraji P. Henson joined several other celebrities in calling the punishment excessive. Though Smollett maintained his innocence, he was found guilty last year of filing a false police report and was convicted of five counts of disorderly conduct.

The three white suspects involved in Ahmaud Arbery’s death have been charged with federal hate crimes. They are also awaiting a trial date for state-level charges related to the case.

Just when you think the world has moved on from the Jussie Smollett jig it rears it ugly head around. A family member is finally commenting on the peculiar ordeal.

Nichole Anderson and David Nelson attempted to paint over the sign on a street In Martinez, Calif.

While Black people are fighting for equality all over the globe, reports of hate crimes and suspicious murders of young Black people are on the rise. The latest incident has left a Wisconsin community saying enough is enough. On Wednesday (Jun 24), Althea Bernstein, a Black woman in Madison, Wisconsin, sustained second- and third-degree burns after she was allegedly set on fire by white men yelling racial slurs while at a stoplight.

The city of Chicago is trying to make good on its promise to make former Empire star Jussie Smollet pay for the media frenzy and money loss created around his 2019 claim that he was a victim of a hate crime attack.

Jojo Smollett claims the 'Empire' actor is suffering mentally and more.

A Black New York subway passenger shared details of an alleged vicious attack by a white man last Friday. In her account, the 57-year-old aide says that the man called her “Black b*tch” ahead of stabbing her, the injury which later collapsed her lung.

The FBI is looking into a heinous attack on an Atlanta gay couple, to see if the “federal hate crime statutes will apply,” after a man poured boiling water on the two last month. Martin Blackwell attacked his girlfriend’s son, Anthony Gooden, and his boyfriend, Marquez Tolbert, as they lay in bed sleeping.

A pair of Northwestern University students were jailed after they allegedly painted swastikas, slurs, and Donald Trump‘s name on a chapel at the school. Anthony Morales, 19, and Matthew Kafker, 18, were charged with institutional vandalism and hate crime to a place of worship and one other charge over the weekend.