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Jussie Smollett

Source: Brandon Caldwell / Radio One Houston

Just when you think the world has moved on from the Jussie Smollett jig it rears it ugly head around. A family member is finally commenting on the peculiar ordeal.

As spotted on Vulture the sister of the Empire actor is speaking up and giving her point of view on the events of January 29, 2019 where her brother was accused of staging a hate crime. In a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter regarding her role in HBO’s new drama series Lovecraft Country. She admitted the last year and a half have been far from easy for their inner circle.

“It’s been f***ing painful,” she revealed. “One of the most painful things my family’s ever experienced — to love someone as much as we love my brother, and to watch someone who you love that much go through something like this, that is so public, has been devastating. I was already in a very dark space for a number of reasons, and I’ve tried to not let it make me pessimistic. But everyone who knows me knows that I love my brother and I believe my brother.”

While all original charges against Jussie, which included filing a false police report and perjury, were dropped against him, the thespian has seemingly disgraced himself out of his prominence within the film industry. Additionally he was hit with six disorderly conduct charges in February. Naturally he has plead not guilty.

Photo: Bernard Smalls