However, a journalist penned an unauthorized biography alleging that Mrs. Reagan was proficient in the arts of mouth work.

Recently, the outspoken British-Nigerian actor has become the subject of chatter online that suggests he walked off the set of a Netflix film right in the middle of production, prompting many to rally around him by way of the #IStandWithJohnBoyega hashtag.

The world continues to give Nipsey Hussle his flowers after his untimely passing. He will be recognized with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Williams starred notably in the hit series 'The Mod Squad' and also the 1980's classic, 'Purple Rain" among other appearances.

Antone Austin was taking out the trash of his apartment when the cops rolled up on him and forcibly arrested him without proper cause.

Just when you think you heard it all a journalist will pose the right question and get a jewel. One of Wu-Tang’s sharpest swordsmen revealed that tinsel town likes it hot.

Tyler Perry discusses how he kept his cast and crew coronavirus-free while filming for the first time since the pandemic started. With production underway for his next project, the studio mogul is preparing to use the same successful blueprint. Hollywood may be back to filming again!

The veteran actor is among many who are challenging Hollywood to shift its ranks and include more Black creatives.

With much of Hollywood on lockdown due to COVID-19, the pair worked with 'Euphoria' creator Sam Levinson and just wrapped production.

Hate him or love him 50 Cent’s career will never be duplicated. The rapper turned television big wig has now been immortalized with Tinseltown’s highest honor.

The ‘Humans of New York’ series on social media has been captivating readers with the unique stories of real New Yorkers for more than nine years but none kept fans wanting more like their latest three-part feature.


While 2018’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom didn’t exactly experience the blockbuster success of it’s 2015 predecessor Jurassic World (which grossed close to $2 bilion worldwide) it was still enough to earn itself a threequel, and this time fans of the dinosaur amusement park franchise will be seeing some familiar faces thought long gone.