Over the course of the past day, Black Twitter has once again boosted the culture with some of the most hilarious comments regarding the inauguration ceremonies for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

A French rapper's stone-faced expression has inspired a hilarious new meme trend that has folks admitting to liking some syrupy tunes inside their high-end earbuds appearing to look tough on the block.

Another day, another hilarious trending topic on Twitter has taken hold. A user on the fast-moving social media network pulled a President Trump and misspelled Yves Saint Laurent as Saint Lil Ron and Twitter fans are reacting with hilarious commentary.

Black History Month is a time to reflect on the many contributions to society and culture that Black people have given the United States and the world over. While true historical figures and moments of note should always be the primary focus, a hilarious number of tweets online put a humorous twist on the annual […]

Twitter is often a minefield of nonsensical debates, and a question posed by one man had users on the social media platform debating the finer merits of washing one’s legs in the shower. Amazingly enough, the topic, excuse the pun, has legs and sparked a discussion that we’re not entirely sure lands anyone on a […]

Dave Chappelle has spent decades as one of comedy’s top minds having conquered film, cable television, and the stage. For his talents, the Washington, D.C. region native will be awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor later this year.

Curving, the act of shutting down one’s attempt to get close, ask for a date or more, has been a hot topic in times past, most especially in the digital dating age. The powerful and influential segment of Black Twitter most especially has lots to say about curving, and a new trending topic, #TopCurves, displayed […]

Joe Biden told NBC News that the dozens of memes of he and President Barack Obama palling around are "all true" and shares his faves.

Taiwan Jones probably didn’t think he’d become a trending topic on Twitter, especially for the reasons that follow. The alleged Howard University student discovered the hard way that he failed a midterm exam via a Twitter user, which prompted a series of hilarious responses.