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Jnr Slice - Le Pire Stagiaire (The Worst Intern)

Source: Screenshot / Matthew A. Cherry

In the fast-moving world of social media trends, nothing has been more resilient than meme humor and culture. Now, a French rapper’s stone-faced expression has inspired a hilarious new meme trend that has folks admitting to liking some syrupy tunes inside their high-end earbuds while attempting to look tough on the block.

Jnr Slice, a rising rapper in France’s budding drill scene, was the victim of a prank show, Le Pire Stagiaire (The Worst Intern). From what we could gather online, the series features comedian Greg Guillotin under the guise of a character, Louis Vignac. The hidden camera prank features Guillotin and a visibly unamused Jnr Slice in images of the clip with the rapper staring solemnly and his pearl-white earbuds visible in the shot.

Jnr Slice, who is listed at 20 years of age and hailing from Hem in Northern France, has been working a single, “Kush Drill” ahead of releasing a mixtape project slated for release at some point this year. Given our limited comfort with the French language, getting more details on Jnr Slice proved difficult but a quick listen of his music appears to note that he has a command of the modern sound.

Matthew A. Cherry apparently caught wind of the clip or its and seemingly kicked off this latest meme trend according to this Twitter Events post. To be accurate in our reporting, it appears that the meme started gaining traction abroad before it became a thing in the states, with Jnr Slice retweeting some responses to the meme’s growing popularity.

We’ve scoured some of the responses and we’ve got them listed out for your viewing pleasure below.

Photo: Matthew A. Cherry