The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Indiana Pacers for the inaugural NBA In-Season Tournament championship on Saturday, December 9.


While playing at Indiana, James got a pair of fans booted for saying tasteless things from their courtside seats, and the cowards of Butt-Hurt & MAGA Twitter are focusing on the wrong things but getting #LeSnitch trending.

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Lance Stephenson has a history of trolling his fellow NBA players, with his infamous moment blowing into LeBron James’ ear becoming a part of meme culture lore. The Indiana Pacers player was back up to his zany antics again, this time sparking anger from the Toronto Raptors after running up the score with an end […]

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Paul George had the darndest time gaining public support for his ill-advised backing of Ray Rice. So it comes as no surprise that the organization who cuts his checks chastised him publicly and privately.


Paul George became the latest pro athlete to have d*ck pics leaked to the public over the weekend, and has been dogged by rumors he was catfished by a gay man posing as a woman. The Indiana Pacers All-Star finally spoke up about the chatter, saying that he wasn’t duped and adding that he knows […]

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In a closeout game on the road Sunday night (May 27), the San Antonio Spurs picked apart a capable but outgunned Memphis Grizzlies squad with old-school, below the rim basketball. The Spurs, led by point guard Tony Parker, head to the NBA Finals for the fifth time after a four-game playoffs sweep.