Islamic Terrorists

If you happen to be spending time in Somalia, keep the Christmas cheer to yourself. The Somali government has banned the holiday, citing that the Christian tradition threatens the teachings of Islam. 

A German rapper who once toured with DMX at the height of career before abandoning the mic to join ISIS, has been blown to smithereens following an airstrike by the United States in Syria, the New York Times reports.

The suspected Islamic terrorist attack at an American-owned gas factory in France now has a confirmation.

A college student from Queens, New York has been arrested by the FBI for allegedly plotting attacks with the ISIS, also known as the Islamic State terrorist group. The man was arrested earlier this month after he and another man charged at police on Staten Island while reportedly armed with a knife.

Nelly is either brave or foolish, but he certainly got paid. The St. Louis rapper took a trip to Iraq to perform for a charity that raises money for Kurdish soldiers who are fighting ISIS. 

The Islamic State extremist group has ravaged parts of Iraq and Syria, with reports of operations throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. After a recent arrest in New York, it appears that the designated terrorist organization are making attempts to garner support from Americans who wish to join its cause.

Following the murder of 26-year-old humanitarian worker Kayla Mueller at the hands of ISIS or ISIL, President Obama is asking Congress to authorize military force against the terrorist organization’s Islamic State fighters.

Militants from the Islamic State, also referred to as ISIS or ISIL, have beheaded another hostage with threats of performing another execution. British aid worker Alan Henning was the latest victim of the terrorist group in retaliation to American and allied forces airstrikes, and threaten to repeat the ghastly act.

President Barack Obama has undertaken the weighty task of taken on Islamic State militants in Syria amid troubles on the domestic front. Over the weekend, Mr. Obama stated that U.S. Intelligence authorities underestimated the planning and capabilities of the militants in the region.

ISIS, or ISIL, has been ravaging areas of Iraq and Syria in its ongoing reign of terror framed as a holy war. Adding to the violence the Islamist extremists have already enacted, there are reports that thousands of women in the region are being raped in order to populate territories the group has seized.

  The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has ravaged the Middle East region and is designated a terrorist group by several nations. With the Islamists placing large portions of Iraq and Syria under its control, it is now seen as a very valid threat. […]

The Nigerian military are hustling backwards in their efforts to rescue the hundreds of kidnapped school girls from the clutches of Boko Haram Islamic terrorists.