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A German rapper who once toured with DMX at the height of career before abandoning the mic to join ISIS, has been blown to smithereens following an airstrike by the United States in Syria, the New York Times reports.

Denis Cuspert, best known by his stage name Deso Dogg, had been marked as a “specially designated global terrorist” back in February and was said to have “threatened the President of the United States and German citizens.”

“I can confirm that an Oct. 16 airstrike near Raqqah killed Denis Cuspert,” Elissa Smith, a Department of Defense spokeswoman, said in an email to the Times today, October 30. “Cuspert was a foreign terrorist fighter and operative for ISIL who used social media to take advantage of disaffected youth and potential Western recruits. His death contributes to our efforts to stop foreign fighter recruitment,” she said.

According to an interview he conducted with the Times back in 2011, Deso Dogg was born on October 18, 1975 in Berlin to a German mother and a Ghanaian father but raised by an American stepfather who instilled unbending militance in him. In 2010, he quit rapping, converted to Islam, changed his name to Abu Talha al-Aman and began making black channel videos on the Internet where one reportedly showed him dangling a severed human head.

It is what it is.

Photo: YouTube / Deso Dogg

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