President Donald Trump ordered a missile strike against Syria after reports that forces in the country unleashed a chemical weapons attack on civilians in the war-torn nation. After taking to Twitter to say “mission accomplished,” the trending topic #SyrianStrikes offered a differing view of Trump’s otherwise celebratory stance.

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President Donald Trump used his Commander-In-Chief status to launch a missile offensive against the nation of Syria in response to a recent civilian attack involving chemical weapons. The irony of this strike is that President Trump has banned Syrian refugees from the United States but launched this mission in defense of them.

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President Obama upset Ted Cruz when he called him scared of Syrian widows and children. Cruz is clapping back, and he wants the POTUS to stop talking trash from afar and run up.


A German rapper who once toured with DMX at the height of career before abandoning the mic to join ISIS, has been blown to smithereens following an airstrike by the United States in Syria, the New York Times reports.


The Islamic State group took their executions to unprecedented levels this week after beheading two couples who were accused of “witchcraft and sorcery.” The two women involved marked the first time females had undergone such a gruesome demise in the country.

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President Barack Obama has undertaken the weighty task of taken on Islamic State militants in Syria amid troubles on the domestic front. Over the weekend, Mr. Obama stated that U.S. Intelligence authorities underestimated the planning and capabilities of the militants in the region.

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  The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has ravaged the Middle East region and is designated a terrorist group by several nations. With the Islamists placing large portions of Iraq and Syria under its control, it is now seen as a very valid threat. […]


In the capital city of Baghdad in Iraq, a series of car explosions alleged to be part of a coordinated attack killed a total of 54 people while injuring over 100 others on Monday (Sept. 30). Although no group has taken credit for the bombings, tensions between Sunni Muslim militants and Shiites have been growing.

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President Barack Obama delivered earnest remarks regarding the growing tensions in Syria in the wake of chemical weapons attacks against civilians Tuesday night (September 10). From the White House, the president urged both Congress and the nation to rally behind his cause to take military action against the country while also promising a diplomatic opportunity […]

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Sen. John McCain is known as one of the most grizzled and dedicated elected officials in the United States Senate. On Tuesday (September 3) afternoon however, McCain was seen goofing off on his iPhone during a lengthy Senate hearing regarding the tense situation in Syria.


Reactions of anger and frustration to the acquittal of George Zimmerman have been heard domestically from coast to coast. Now, Syria has joined the list as they weighed in on the verdict Monday (July 15).

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A suicide bombing in Syria killed 42 people during a blast at a mosque in the capital city, Thursday (March 21). Sunni Muslim leader, Sheikh Mohammad Said Ramadan al-Buti was among the casualties killed at the Eman Mosque.