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Reactions of anger and frustration to the acquittal of George Zimmerman have been heard domestically from coast to coast. Now, Syria has joined the list as they weighed in on the verdict Monday (July 15).

Protestors in the town of Kafranbel illustrated their passion for justice in a photo with a banner that read, “[Trayvon] Martin family! The Syrians are the best who know what it’s like to lose loved ones to immune criminals.”

The photo of the demonstrators holding the Trayvon Martin sign was posted on Facebook by activist Raed Fares. There Fares says, “It’s very important to send our message to the world. And English is the public language.”

Martin’s shooting death made headlines around the globe, as was the news of the not guilty verdict. The Syrian village in question however is known for their outspoken criticism to which they use social media to spread messages during the country’s ongoing conflict over President Bashar al Assad’s regime. Kafranbel, also known as “the creative center of the revolt,” has made references to U.S. news in various instances with signs referencing  the Boston marathon bombings and the death of James Gandolfini’s aka Tony Soprano. Another message, signed under their moniker “Occupy Kafranbel” reads, “Alassad has hypnotized the world and ordered it to behave like an a–hole, Occupy Kafranbel.”

Despite the Syrian regime launching the deadly strike and suppression last year, rebels have remained united to generate change. Civil unrest continues as fighting still rages across the country and just last month the UN totaled 93,000 casualties to date. Though Syria has a whirlwind of its own problems, their images of outrage, unity, and justice sends larger messages to the world.

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